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Zamanak .NET Web service client

In order to use zamanak api, you should have username and password so feel free go to and register. some zamanak apis need uid and token to work properly so you need to first call general/authenticate method to receive uid and token, remember that token is valid for one year.

Create a Zamanak Client Object

using Zamanak.WebService.V4;
using Zamanak.WebService.V4.Request;
using Zamanak.WebService.V4.Response;
// If you havn`t yet received YOUR_ZAMANAK_UID and YOUR_ZAMANAK_TOKEN leave them ""
ZamanakClient client = new ZamanakClient(config);

Sending auto generated random numeric captcha

var req = new General_CaptchaRequest("0912*******");
var res =  client.General.Captcha(req);

Sending a number to specified mobile

*Note: number will be read for person *

var req = new General_NumberReaderRequest("0912*******", "Your desire number to be read for user for example 1234");
var res = client.General.NumberReader(req);

Send your favorite number by sms

(maximum 8 characters)

var req = new General_SendCaptchaSmsRequest("0912*******", 1234);
var res = client.General.SendCaptchaSms(req);

Create new campaign by text

Note: Empty startTime means now . repeat number shoud be greater than zero : >=1

var numbers = new List<string>();

var req = new Campaign_NewCampaignByTextRequest("NAME", numbers, "TEXT", "START_TIME", "STOP_TIME", "REPEAT_TOTAL");
var res = client.Campaign.NewCampaignByText(req);

Get campaign status

var req = new CampaignReport_GetCampaignStatusRequest("CAMP_ID");
var res = client.CampaignReport.GetCampaignStatus(req);
//process res

Get campaign logs

var req = new CampaignReport_GetCampaignLogsRequest("CAMP_ID", "PAGE_NUMBER");
var res = client.CampaignReport.GetCampaignLogs(req);
//process res