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A community driven list of resources of interest to CS Educators.

To contribute, follow this contribution guide.

Table of Contents


Bits and BehaviourAndy Ko
Computer Science TeacherAlfred Thompson
C’est la ZMike Zamansky
Geeky Mom BlogLaura Blankenship
Coding in Math ClassDawn DuPriest
Computing Education BlogMark Guzdial
Garth’s CS Education BlogGarth Flint Becker Bart Barnard Lewis Davis Rebelsky Wallingford Flint
http://blog.acthompson.netAlfred Thompson
http://innovativeteacher.orgDoug Bergman is a meta list

Organizations and non profits


code.orgonline ide, curricula, outreach materials and more
CSTeachers.orgCSTA - Computer Science Teachers Association (ACM subgroup)
ACMAssociation for Computing Machinery


CS For All in SFcurricula, resources, research and more
CS4Alll New Mexicocurricula, resources, research and more

online Communities

Popular sites

Mailing Lists


Online tools and IDEs


CodeHSMulti language support, classroom support, curriculum and online community
CodestersPython REPL with curriculum and online community
Repl.itMulti language support and classroom support

Online problem sites

Coding BatPython and Java, classroom grading support and make your own questions
CodeHSPython, Java, JavaScript, classroom grading support and make your own questions and graders, with shared repository of teacher created problems
code step by stepCode Step By Step
C PuzzlesShort algorithmic challenges to solve in C
ExercismDownload and solve practice problems in over 30 different languages. Submit them to the community for review.
Regex CrosswordLearn regular expressions through crossword puzzles

Curricula and support services

CodeHS6-12 Curriculum (JS, Python, AP Java, AP CSP and more), curriculum tools, PD, and classroom management tools and resources
TEALSPartner with a Software Engineer to bring CS to your school
CodestersPython based tools and curricula
BootstrapworldFunctional programming either standalone CS or integrated into other subjects

Computer Science Competitions for K12

online / at local schools

USACOindividual. independent of school, training materials available
ACSLIn school, individual, team


Regional Professional Development

LinkDescriptionLocationtime of year

Online Professional Development

Professional development courses geared for teachers to help teach computer science.

CodeHSCodeHS offers many online professional development courses for teachers looking to learn how to teach computer science classes. In several states, you can get official credit/approvals by completing one of the courses. Courses include: Teaching Intro to Computer Science, Teaching AP Computer Science Principles, Teaching AP Computer Science in Java, Teaching Computing Ideas, Teaching Intro Python, Teaching Web Design. The courses are approximately 30-40 hour online courses with personalized grading.

Interesting talks / presentations / videos etc.

(inclusion in this section does not imply endorsement views by the curators of this site but all listed links are considered worth a visit)

Language Specific links



Course / Level specific links

Intro (including APCS-P)

  • CS50 AP - Harvard University’s adaptation of CS50 for AP Computer Science Principles

Intermediate (include APCS-A or first year college)


  • Nand2Tetris - Nand2Tetris is textbook/course in computer architecture from logic gates up through virtual machines and compilers

Other CS Ed related awesome sites

  • Awesome - a list of awesome lists
  • Awesome CS - many Awesome CS topic and language links


To the extent possible under law, Mike Zamansky has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.