ultra-lightweight literate programming for clojure inspired by docco
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ultra-lightweight literate programming[1] for clojure inspired by docco

Marginalia is a source documentation too that parses Clojure code and outputs an side-by-side source view with appropriate comments and docstrings aligned.

To get a quick look at what marginalia output looks like, then visit the official site.


Currently Marginalia can be used in a number of ways as described below.

Command Line

You can download the Marginalia 0.5.0 jar including packaged dependencies from Github.

Running Marginalia given the jar file linked above is as easy as:

java -jar marginalia-0.5.0-standalone.jar

This will search the PWD for a src directory which it will then traverse looking for Clojure source files to parse and generate documentation for. Marginalia also takes specific locations and files to generate docs for:

java -jar marginalia-0.5.0-standalone.jar <file1> <file2> ... <filen>

Arguments can be specific files or directories.


To use Marginalia in your own projects simply add the following to your project.clj file in the :dev-dependencies section:

[marginalia "0.5.0"]

After executing lein deps you can generate your complete source documentation with the following command:

lein marg

Marginalia accepts other options as outlined in the Command Line section above.




Not yet supported.

Contributors and thanks

I would like to thank Zachary Kim for taking a pile of incoherant code and making it something worth using. Marginalia would be nothing without his hard work and vision.

I would also like to thank Justin Balthrop and Brenton Ashworth for their support and code contributions.


  • paragraph anchors
  • options for non-uber-docs
  • Maven generation support
  • POM parsing


Copyright (C) 2010 Fogus

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.


[1] While the phrase ultra-lightweight literate programming is used to describe Marginalia, it is in no way a tool for classical literate programming. That is, Marginalia is a linear documentation generator allowing no out-of-order reassembly of source.

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