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Snapopen plugin for Gedit (Linux/Mac)
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Gedit Snap Open Plugin
Copyright (C) 2006-2010 Mads Buus Jensen <>

see CHANGELOG for details

This plugin makes it much more convenient to open related source files.
Inspired by TextMate for Mac, this plugin will use regular expressions
to quickly search through files as you type. 
Press CTRL+ALT+o (letter o) to open dialog (On MAC, the shortcut is alt-cmd-o)

Filebrowser integration: if the 'file browser' integration is enabled
Snap Open will use the filebrowsers 'root' dir as top level dir when searching
for files to open. if filebrowser is NOT used,  The files suggested are those 
in or below the directory from where gedit was started. 

You can enter text or use arrow keys to select the file, 
and then hit enter to open that file.
If the file is already open, Gedit will switch to the proper tab.
Escape will close the dialog.
This plugin uses 'find' and 'grep' tools. You can modify the actual
search command by editing and look for the line starting with 
	cmd = "find ...

Known issues:
* Stalls if there are many files matched.
* Harmless broken pipe outputs with too many hits.
* 'find' command on every keystroke (not time-limited)
* Hard max-depth and 10 directories in 'find' command

For more information, visit my blog:
Or the project page:

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