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A jQuery plugin for 'locking' short content in place as the user scrolls by longer content. For example, it will lock metadata and share buttons in place as the user scrolls by a long essay or series of images.


For documentation, usage and examples please see

Note how the kitten stays as you scroll through the body of the post


Download the minified version or the development version.

Include required Javascripts

<script src="jquery.js"></script>
<script src="dist/poplockit.min.js"></script>

Create html like this

  <div id="feed">
      <div class="column">Left</div>
      <div class="column">Center</div>
      <div class="column">Right</div>

Apply the popLockIt plugin

  feedItems      : $('#feed > article'),
  columnSelector : '> .column'


Contributions and pull requests are very welcome. Please follow these guidelines when submitting new code.

Modifying the code

  1. Fork and clone the repo.
  2. If needed: npm install -g grunt for Grunt
  3. If needed: brew install phantomjs for PhantomJS
  4. Run npm install to install dependencies
  5. Run grunt (compiles coffeescripts and runs tests)
  6. Run grunt watch while editing files to auto-compile coffeescripts and run tests
  7. Make all changes in Coffeescript files, not JavaScript files.

Submitting pull requests

  1. Add tests for the change you want to make. Run grunt jasmine to see if tests fail.
  2. Run grunt to compile new dist and make sure nothing is broken
  3. Submit a Pull Request using GitHub.


A jQuery plugin for 'locking' short content in place as the user scrolls by longer content.







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