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Documentation Status Translation Status

Zammad Admin Documentation

Source files for Zammad’s admin documentation.


If you would like to improve the docs, simply:

  1. fork the repo,
  2. edit the appropriate .rst files (see Markup Format below), and
  3. submit a pull request.

🌍 Wanna help translate? Submit your contributions (or request additional languages) here. Do NOT submit a PR with changes to the contents of the locale/ directory.

The Zammad Team

ReStructuredText Markup

If you like to edit the docs use the ReStructuredText markup language. Information about this markup language can be found at:


This documentation provides versions:

  • pre-release can contain develop, not yet released functions and changes
  • main is the latest (and stable) version of the repository
  • stable-x.x is the old back port for an earlier version
    • These branches do not receive further updates and serve as historic help for administrators

Notes on Documentation Branches and Pull Requests

Please note that this repository uses protected branches. The most current version is always pre-release - if you create Pull Requests, please use pre-release as destination Branch.

This will ensure that your changes are available upon merge.



  • sphinx

    $ pip install sphinx sphinx-autobuild sphinx-intl sphinx_rtd_theme sphinx-tabs
  • gettext

    $ brew install gettext              # macOS
    $ sudo apt install gettext          # Debian / Ubuntu
    $ sudo dnf install gettext          # Fedora

Example for a local HTML build

make html

Localization using Weblate

This documentation is translated via Weblate. After changing or adding text in this documentation, updating the POT file is required. (This is usually done by us after QA before merging the PR)

Weblate will automatically provide the translation parts in in its UI for all available languages. If there's translation progress it will automatically provide pull requests on this repository. 🎉

Pull requests containing direct translations within the PO files will be denied.

# ensure clean enviroment
$ make clean

# generate the strings from the *.rst files
$ make gettext

# manual language-based build (`_build/html/`) (for testing)
$ make -e SPHINXOPTS="-D language='de'" html
$ make -e SPHINXOPTS="-D language='en'" html

If you have a problem with creating / building the documentation, please create an issue. Thanks.

Localization progress

Translation progress