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The user documentation for Zammad.
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Documentation Status

Zammad User Documentation

Source files for Zammad’s user documentation.


If you would like to improve the docs, simply:

  1. fork the repo,
  2. edit the appropriate .rst files (see Markup Format below), and
  3. submit a pull request.

🌍 Note on localization: Translations are prepared and stored on Transifex, a third-party cloud platform. Do NOT manually edit the .po and .mo localization files, as any such changes will be overwritten in the compilation process.

Thanks! ❤ ❤ ❤
The Zammad Team

Markup Format

These docs are written using the ReStructuredText markup format. Info about this markup language can be found at:



  • sphinx

    $ pip install sphinx sphinx-autobuild sphinx-intl sphinx_rtd_theme
  • gettext

    $ brew install gettext              # macOS
    $ sudo apt install gettext          # Debian / Ubuntu
    $ sudo dnf install gettext          # Fedora
  • transifex-client (optional)

    $ pip install transifex-client

Local HTML build

$ make html

Localization using transifex

# create .tx config
$ tx init

# or if you just want to update a resource
$ tx set --source -r <project_slug.resource_slug> -l <lang> <file>
$ make clean

# generate the strings from the *.rst files
$ make gettext

# generate the locales (DE|EN)
$ sphinx-intl update -p _build/locale/ -l de -l en

# update the resource files from the pot dir
$ sphinx-intl update-txconfig-resources --pot-dir _build/locale --transifex-project-name zammad-user-documentation

# push to transifex (if configured)
$ tx push -s

# after translation pull needed languages from transifex
$ tx pull -l en

# build the .MO files for use with readthedocs
# (After a successful build, push to this repo and readthedocs will update itself.)
$ sh

# manual language-based build (`_build/html/`) (for testing)
$ make -e SPHINXOPTS="-D language='de'" html
$ make -e SPHINXOPTS="-D language='en'" html
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