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Protocol https and http supported.
Language JSON
Methods GET only
SDK Soon..


The XIVDB API allows you to access various different game content in a very structured format. The entire site runs on top of the API so it is heavily modular and integrates well with web technologies.





base data

  • Maps
  • Game Data
    • EXP Table
    • ClassJobs
    • Cabinet
    • Armoire
    • Grand Companies
    • Patch List (XIVDB Built in patch system)
    • ... request more ...

Lodestone Information + Dev Tracker

Both the lodestone data and the dev tracker update every 5 minutes and are always in English. You can use these on your sites freely.



No particular order

  • Javascript SDK
  • Map Embeds
  • Add Custom Gearsets to the API
  • Add Shopping Carts to the API
  • Providing Achievement Ranking data to the API
  • Provide more information for characters
  • Provide schema column selection for core data


API Endpoint:

Accessing content pages from the API is as simple as putting api. infront of the URL, here are some examples:

    • -->
    • -->
    • -->

The Names (and for characters: Server) is optional and not required, eg:

    • OR
    • OR

global commands


[LANG] Options: English en, German de, French fr, Japanese ja

Set the language for the data. This is primarally for content pieces (Character data is mostly English for now, more on that in the Character section), here are some examples:

language during search/filters

Sometimes you may not always know what the language is. Search content will often fetch results in all 4 languages for named content, eg: name_en, name_fr, name_de, name_ja in this case you can use the placeholder {lang} and the system will handle it for you, eg: name_{lang} or description_{lang}


Enables a pretty view for the JSON. This is very helpful for debugging and reading what is in the response, eg:


{"achievements":null,"action":0,"aetherial_reduce":0,"attributes_base":{"auto_attack":34.02,"auto_attack_hq":34.02,"block_rate":0,"block_rate_hq":0,"block_s ...


    "achievements": null,
    "action": 0,
    "aetherial_reduce": 0,
    "attributes_base": {
        "auto_attack": 34.02,
        "auto_attack_hq": 34.02,
        "block_rate": 0,
        "block_rate_hq": 0,

protocol notes

Both http and https are supported. The reason for this is because the API isn't intended to be crawled by Google or used in SEO it is setup to make it easy for developers to jump in.

Accessing https urls in some languages requires extra code or SSL verification and it might be simplier to stick to the http version. If you're using the API in a frontend library (eg: Javascript) and your site is behind an SSL certificate, you will have to use the https endpoint.

There is no sensitive data on the API and you can only retrieve game related data, nothing regarding members, comments or screenshots.

rate limiting

There are no strict limits on the API at this time, however this does not excuse bad coding practices. Do not query the API in a for/foreach/while loop and leverage caching, game content updates every patch so it is not needed to query every time!

The API sits behind Redis and should be fairly responsive, think about what kind of calls you will be doing to the API and what kind of data you need.

If you are looking for all of the game data then you may find it more useful to extract the CSV's yourself, Information on that can be found here:


If you need help with the API please don't hesitate to contact me, I am happy to answer all questions, fix any issues or add in additional information. Just bcause some data doesn't exist doesn't mean I can't add it!

Please join the Discord: and there is a channel called web-dev for API Stuff

rate limit

The XIVDB has a 15 requests/second rate limit before it will begin denying requests. Please code respectfully, this means no foreach or while loops firing off requests, either use recurrsion, promises or callbacks.

Here is a Javascript gist that shows bad/good query code:

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