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Thruk Configuration extension

This folder provides configuration and scripts to extend the Neteye 3 monitoring view of Thruk.


  1. Action menu items for Services and Host details view provide dropdown for each host with direct link to:
  • Highlight NagVis Maps where host is registered (directly or through related hostgroup)
  • Search host as device in NeDi
  • Search host as asset in AssetManagement (GLPI)
  1. Report Scheduling
  • Define Senders email address for report scheduling
  1. Thruk NetEye Theme CSS error fix Show the red background for hosts with status down in hosts and service details view

Configuration and Setup

  1. Install thruk_local.conf: Note: Backup your original thruk_local.conf first.
cp thruk_local.conf /var/lib/neteye/thruk/thruk_local.conf
  1. Install discovery script for monitoring maps: Note: Default pahts for NagVis, Livestatus are defined within .cgi scrip. Adapt if ported to non-NetEye environments.
cp monitoring2maps_link.cgi /usr/lib/nagios/cgi/monitoring2maps_link.cgi
  1. Thruk NetEye Theme CSS error fix
patch /var/lib/neteye/thruk/themes/themes-available/Neteye/stylesheets/status.css < themes_NetEye_stylesheets/status.css.diff
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