Scripts to set up a drupal environment, for use with tmgmt_zanata and tmgmt_express_checkout
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Drupal Development Environment

Some scripts to help set up and work with a Drupal environment, for use when working on tmgmt_zanata and tmgmt_express_checkout.

The scripts use hard-coded paths for the location of the code and the Drupal environment, so just deal with it (or update the scripts to use a configurable location)

Get the module code

Run these once to get started:


These scripts clone the code from GitHub to a hard-coded location, and set up a remote for the associated Drupal project for each. Run them once to get started.

Install/start the Drupal server

Run this at the start of each development session:


Note: Installation on RHEL6 will require a Red Hat Network Subscription, to acquire the necessary packages

This script installs the Drupal management tool "drush", then uses it to set up a Drupal install, start the Drupal server and add all the modules needed by tmgmt_zanata and tmgmt_express_checkout.

If it looks like the Drupal install is already present, it will just use it.

Deploy new code to the running server

Run these any time you want to see your new code in the server:


These scripts copy the code from the local git repository into the right place in the Drupal install. They do what is needed to copy the code without breaking the running server.

git push to Drupal fails???

Run this once if git complains about something with diffie-hellman-group1-sha1, then resume whatever you were doing.

scripts/drupal-ssh-workaround has not updated to use a more recent algorithm for their git ssh. This script will enable the old algorithm in the current shell so that git can work.