eslint configuration files for linting of all Zanata's JavaScript code
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eslint configurations for linting of all Zanata's JavaScript code.

These are all based on JavaScript Standard Style.


Install this config and its dependencies:

npm install eslint eslint-config-zanata \
            eslint-config-standard \
            eslint-config-standard-react \
            eslint-config-standard-jsx \
            eslint-plugin-react \
            eslint-plugin-promise \

Why all the dependencies? The dependencies must be directly in the project because eslint will not locate them if they are nested within a shareable config.

then have your config extend it:

# .eslintrc (yaml)

extends: zanata
// .eslintrc (json)
  "extends": "zanata"

You can extend zanata, zanata/react or zanata/angular, then add any of your own rules you need. See

For projects in the Zanata organization, you should prefer requesting rules to be added to these configs rather than adding custom rules per-project. This is so that the style stays consistent between all our projects.

Show linting in sublime text

Use SublimeLinter with its eslint plugin:

When you have followed the configuration instrcutions for SublimeLinter-eslint, it should automatically locate .eslintrc files and lint files that you edit.

Show linting in webstorm

Use the builtin WebStorm ESLint tool

Lint in gulp

Use gulp-eslint

npm install gulp-eslint --save-dev

If you use eslint() with no arguments, it will resolve .eslintrc relative to each file. To specify a config, supply it as a relative path.

e.g. eslint('./.eslintrc')

Lint in webpack build

Use eslint-loader:

npm install eslint-loader --save-dev



The base config. Like but with extra restrictions for line length, only unix line endings, and restrictions on logging and use of undefined variables.

  "extends": "zanata"


Adds babel parser and JSX support, and any react-specific checks that the team have decided to use.

  "extends": "zanata/react"


Just adds angular as a global.

  "extends": "zanata/angular"