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Zanata Java client script

Java command-line client for Zanata.

This repository doesn't include the actual Java code, just a shell script which uses Ivy to download the client from Maven Central and then run it.

The source code for the Java client (ZanataClient) can be found here:

See also our 0install option, which is a better choice in most cases:

Fedora users don't need this (but this might be newer)

If you are using Fedora, you can just install zanata-cli through yum:

$ sudo yum install zanata-client

You can keep zanata-cli up to date in the usual way (eg yum update).

However, if you aren't running the latest version of Fedora, the latest version of the client may not be available, so you might want to try the Ivy version (below).

Installing Ivy: on Fedora/RHEL

First, make sure you have Apache Ivy installed. On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, you first need to enable EPEL, with a command like this:

$ sudo rpm -Uvh

Then install Ivy (this should work on Fedora too):

$ sudo yum install -y apache-ivy

Installing Ivy: on other systems

Download an Ivy binary distribution, extract Ivy's jar file somewhere, and set the environment variable IVY_JAR to point to it. For example:

export IVY_JAR=~/apps/apache-ivy-2.4.0/ivy-2.4.0.jar

Installing zanata-cli (Ivy version)

Just save the script somewhere on your path, and make sure it is executable.

For example, assuming you have ~/bin in $PATH:

cd ~/bin
chmod 755 zanata-cli

Note: It's a good idea to check for a new version of zanata-cli once in a while (especially when a new version of Zanata server is released).

Using zanata-cli (example)

zanata-cli stats --url --project iok --project-version 6.4

Or if you have zanata.xml in the current directory:

zanata-cli stats

Running development versions of zanata-cli

Each version of the script is mainly designed to work with a particular version of the Zanata client, but you can try using it with another version, eg the latest development version.

For example:

zanata-cli help


If zanata-client-ivy has trouble resolving dependencies, try deleting the ivy cache:

rm -rf ~/.ivy2/cache

Mailing list

Reporting bugs

Please report bugs in the Ivy client here: