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Build and run

  1. Package: mvn clean package (build and package frontend and server module)
  2. Go to server directory
  3. Docker build: run mvn docker:build -DskipTests (build docker image named MT)
  4. Start docker: mvn docker:start (This will start docker MT and postgresql MTDB)
  5. Logs: mvn docker:logs -Ddocker.follow
  6. To stop and remove: mvn docker:stop (This will stop and remove both containers)

Alternatively, run It will rebuild the package and redeploy to docker containers.

DEV mode

DEV mode is enabled when both MT_AZURE_KEY and GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS are not present in environment variable. You can also enable it by passing a non-empty DEV_BACKEND environment variable to the running instance. Once enabled and requested, the service will not use any paid service backend but will return wrapped string: 'translated[网 string 网]'.

Environment Variables

List of Environment variables that are used in the application.

MT_AZURE_KEY (if this and Google key are empty, DEV mode will be enabled)

Subscription key for MS translators

GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS (if this and AZURE key are empty, DEV mode will be enabled)

Location to the Google service account credential json file


Url for CORS access control. Http response will include Access-Control-Allow-Origin in the header to cross-browser access.

DEV_BACKEND (optional)

Enable dev backend for testing.

Authentication to the REST api

Header fields that are used for authentication:

X-Auth-User the account username

X-Auth-Token the account password

If the instance starts with an empty account table in the database e.g. first load, it will display a random hash as initial password in the server log. The value of the hash will also be written to ~/magpie_initial_password.

You can then authenticate to the REST api by setting X-Auth-User to admin and X-Auth-Token to the hash noted above. This credential is considered to have admin role. This can only be used for creating admin account (currently a BETA feature).

To create an account (account with admin role only)

POST /api/account
// payload
	"name": "John Smith",
	"email": "",
	"accountType": "Normal",
	"roles": ["admin"],
  "username": "devID",
  "password": ["d", "e", "v", "K", "E", "Y"]

Once an admin account is created, the initial password is no longer valid.

To query accounts (account with admin role only)

GET /api/account

Any other REST api can be accessed by an authenticated account regardless role (for now)