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Developer Guide

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Development tools

  • Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.8 (starting from Zanata 3.8)
  • GIT - Source code repository
  • Eclipse IDE for J2EE (Kepler 4.2) or IntelliJ IDEA
  • MySQL database 5.1 - 5.5, or mariadb
  • WildFly 10+ or EAP 7+ (can be auto-installed for integration tests)
  • Maven 3.3.9

Developer Setup Guide

NB: if you just want to run Zanata via integration tests (or via cargo:run) you need not set up mysql, JBoss or the datasource.

  1. Install JDK 1.8 yum install java-1.8.0-openjdk-devel
  2. Install git and clone Zanata repo
  3. Install and setup Maven
  4. Install and setup MySQL
  5. Install and setup JBoss
  6. Install and setup IDE

Architecture Overview

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