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Sinopia is a private npm repository server. This is a fork of keyvanfatehi/sinopia, tuned for the Zanata team.

This service uses data volume, thus requires docker >= 1.9.0. Fedora 23 and latest RHEL 7 have this capability.


Sinopia Service Setup (From Source Code)


You can skip to the section Run Service if you just want the default configuration.


Configure how the docker image be built.


Configures how the container interact with host. Notable variables:

  • CONTAINER_NAME: container name for docker run
  • HOST_PORT: host port for container port forwarding.
  • DATA_VOLUME: name of data volume.

These variable can also be passed as environment variables.

How the service be run inside the container

Run Service


Simply run the service: make run

For removing existing container, then run at host port 5000: HOST_PORT=5000 make rerun

For help: make help

  1. Create a sinopia user, assuming its home directory is /home/sinopia. Use following command:

    sudo useradd -G docker sinopia
  2. Login as sinopia and git clone the source

    sudo su sinopia
    git clone
  3. Install sinopia.service to systemd

    sudo cp /home/sinopia/zanata-sinopia-docker-files/sinopia.service  /etc/systemd/system/
    sudo systemctl daemon-reload
  4. Start the service

    sudo systemctl start sinopia

Sinopia Service Setup (Without Source Code)

Pull Docker Image

docker pull zanata/sinopia2:latest

Without git clone zanata-sinopia-docker-files

docker run -d --name ${CONTAINER_NAME} -p ${HOST_PORT}:4873 -v ${VOLUME_HOST_DIR}:/opt/sinopia/storage zanata/sinopia2:latest

NPM Client Setup

Setting NPM Registry: npm set registry http://${DOCKER_HOST}:${HOST_PORT}/

For examples, use: npm set registry http://localhost:4873/ if you run your sinopia at localhost, default port 4873.

Check the Service

  1. Use browser to go to http://${DOCKER_HOST}:${HOST_PORT}/. You should see system running.

  2. Running npm install <package> and see if the package download successfully. Notes: cached packages do not show in web UI. Sinopia Web UI only show manually published packages.