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JavaScript Homework - due date: 10/12/13

Project To Do List

This project will be taking the todo list and replacing the JavaScript's DOM manipulation with jQuery's. I will be making this project difficult, and you will probably need help with certain parts, but you will have to wait until Saturday.

Git instructions:

  1. make sure git is working properly in your console by going to the console an typing " git ". If the command was not found then trying installing git again and restart your machine.
  2. go to the folder where your cloned project 1 files are. Type " git status ", the response should indicate that you are in a git repository if not then move to where the github app tells you the repository is.
  3. Update your repository with the current new commits/files that I uploaded to github. Type " git pull origin master " into your console to update your local repo.
  4. Run index.html in chrome (or your browser of choice) and make sure that there is an input, button, and a list of three items that are viewable.
  5. Once you have made changes then update the github/master repo, so I can view your code.
    • " git add * "
    • ' git commit -m "message here" '
    • " git push origin master "

Project Instructions

1. access the input with a jQuery.

a. make sure the the new text gets added to the array
b. no empty string can make it into the array
c. alert the user to an empty field

2. create a new list that will be for checked items (aka done items)

a. the list should mimic the current to do list
b. you will need to move items from the todo list to the complete/done list
c. you will need to add a checkbox to the current todo list
d. if the user clicks the checkbox then you handle the done action, so the user's completed item is moved to the done list

3. Extra credit: use jQuery UI to implement one of the featuers below

a. Drag and drop a feautre to and from the done list
b. slide animation of a item being completed
c. prettify the todo app with some jQuery UI elements