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EFI Update Oct 28, 2019

Part List

Item Model Notes
CPU Intel i7 8700
MotherBoard ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming-ITX/ac
WIFI / BLE BCM94360CS2 With M.2. adapter
Memory Asgard 32GB * 2 OC doesn't require remapping 32GB single memory like Clover did.


BIOS Settings (BIOS Version 4.20)

Item Default Value My Value Reason and Result
XHCI Hand-off Disabled Enabled Boot stalls if with USB devices connected. Seems to be the only necessary change in BIOS.
CSM Enabled Enabled Everybody kept saying disable it but it seems to be no harm except for the super high resolution during booting on my 4K monitor. It's also no harm disabling it so totally up to you.
VT-d Enabled Enabled Enable quirk DisableIoMapper then no need to disable VT-d.

OpenCore Config Details

Not all the configs were explained here



SSDT-AMAC for fixing RTC

macOS requires RTC._STA to return 0x0F, meaning RTC enabled. While Asrock BIOS (ASUS and some other compaines too) enabled AWAC and disabled RTC by default (Probably for Windows).

After reviewing the codes, I replaced the old renaming hotpatch with SSDT-AWAC SSDT patch. The renaming hot patch replaced the If ((STAS == One)) of RTC._STA in DSDT with If ((0xFF || 0xFFFF)) , so the RTC._STA will always return 0x0F. It might lead to a conflict in the future, since both RTC and AWAC are enabled at the same time.

If you failed to boot, you may find the renaming method in an older commit, or use SSDT-RTC0.dsl instead.

Reference: FIX for boot hangs after BIOS update (ACPI PATCH), ACPISamples


XCPM was said to bring better performance ( or sth blah blah ). At least it's harmless.

Check status by sysctl -n machdep.xcpm.mode.

You might need to change PR00 to CPU0, depending on your MB model. You could query this by ioreg -p IODeviceTree -c IOACPIPlatformDevice -k cpu-type -k clock-frequency | egrep name | sed -e 's/ *[-|="<a-z>]//g'

You might need to enable Intel SpeedStep in your BIOS. For my MB it's enabled by default.

Reference: SKL+平台XCPM+HWP完整原生电源管理探究, macOS Native CPU/IGPU Power Management, SSDT-PLUG.dsl

SSDT-PPMC fix energy saver options

This SSDT fix seems to be harmless.

You could verify it by looking into Preferences. You should be able to see 5 options instead of 2.



  • DisableIoMapper = YES.

This option is a preferred alternative to dropping DMAR ACPI table and disabling VT-d in firmware preferences, which does not break VT-d support in other systems in case they need it.

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