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base fork: zanker/github-trello
base: 4ced5b2ae0
head fork: zanker/github-trello
compare: 4a41df0ed6
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  1. +24 −0
  2. +1 −1  bin/trello-web
  3. +15 −15 lib/github-trello/server.rb
@@ -2,3 +2,27 @@ Overview
Allows you to manage or reference your Trello board through commits to Github. Tag a commit with "Closes 1234" to have a card automatically archived, or "Card 1234" to have the commit sent to the card.
+Commit messages are searched for `(case|card|close|archive|fix)e?s? \D?([0-9]+)` to find the card short id. Case/card resolve to on_start configuration, close/fix resolve to on_close, and archive will just archive the card regardless.
+The commit message is added as a comment to the card as well.
+See `trello-web --help` for a list of arguments for starting the server. If your domain name is and the server is listening on port 4000, then set the posthook URL on Github to __
+On the first run, it will create an empty configuration file for you that you will need to configure based on how you want it to manage.
+You will need to get your api key and OAuth token with read/write access that won't expire for this to work. You can either use your own account, or create a separate deployment one for this.
+Go to to get your key, then go to _,write&expiration=never&key=[Your Key Here]_ replacing __[Your Key Here]__ with the key Trello gave you. Authorize the request and then add the token and key to your trello.yml file.
+You can get the board id from the URL, for example the board id is _4d5ea62fd76aa1136000000ca_.
+There are 3 actions you can configure to decide what happens to a card. Currently due to a bug in Trello's API, you cannot move a card to another list through the API, so only __archive__ will work. The code is already in, just waiting on Trello to fix the bug.
+To do
+Once Trello fixes the list API bug, I'll be implementing an on deploy action for people who want to be able to move cards from list A to B, such as moving from a "Pending Deployment" to "Live" or just archiving the cards.
2  bin/trello-web
@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@, "trello-web", {
puts "We've generated an example one for you, but you need to configure it still.", "w+") do |f|
- f.write("#board_ids:\n# [repo name]: [board id]\n#oauth_token: [token]\n#api_key: [key]#on_start:\n# move_to: [list id]\n#on_close:\n# move_to: [list id]\n# archive: false\n# on_deploy:\n# move_to: [list id]\n# archive: true")
+ f.write("# NOTE: Due to a Trello API bug, currently only archive is supported and not move_to.\n\nboard_ids:\n [repo name]: [board id]\noauth_token: [token]\napi_key: [key]\non_start:\n move_to: [list id]\non_close:\n move_to: [list id]\n archive: false\non_deploy:\n move_to: [list id]\n archive: true")
30 lib/github-trello/server.rb
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
module GithubTrello
class Server < Sinatra::Base
- get "/posthook" do
+ post "/posthook" do
config, http = self.class.config, self.class.http
payload = JSON.parse(params[:payload])
@@ -28,17 +28,6 @@ class Server < Sinatra::Base
match = commit["message"].match(/((case|card|close|archive|fix)e?s? \D?([0-9]+))/i)
next unless match and match[3].to_i > 0
- # Determine the action to take
- update_config = case match[2].downcase
- when "case", "card" then config["on_start"]
- when "close", "fix" then config["on_close"]
- when "archive" then {:archive => true}
- end
- unless update_config.is_a?(Hash)
- raise "Updating card with #{match[2].downcase} type, but no config found to indicate what to do"
- end
results = http.get_card(board_id, match[3].to_i)
unless results
puts "[ERROR] Cannot find card matching ID #{match[3]}"
@@ -54,11 +43,22 @@ class Server < Sinatra::Base
http.add_comment(results["id"], message)
+ # Determine the action to take
+ update_config = case match[2].downcase
+ when "case", "card" then config["on_start"]
+ when "close", "fix" then config["on_close"]
+ when "archive" then {:archive => true}
+ end
+ next unless update_config.is_a?(Hash)
# Modify it if needed
to_update = {}
- unless results["idList"] == update_config["move_to"]
- to_update[:idList] = update_config["move_to"]
- end
+ # Disabled for now due to a Trello bug
+ #unless results["idList"] == update_config["move_to"]
+ # to_update[:idList] = update_config["move_to"]
+ #end
if !results["closed"] and update_config["archive"]
to_update[:closed] = true

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