A HTML5 slideshow Desktop App built with NW.js (Node-Webkit). Demo app is a presentation of how to use NW.js
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What is NW Presenter?

  • A desktop app that presents slideshows
  • Its multi-platform because NW.js is used
  • Interface is a HTML5 slideshow
  • Markdown formatting to create each slide
  • Syntax highlighting for code

Why use it?

  • If you want to convince others of how powerful NW.js is to create desktop apps, presenting its advantages using its own technology is a good start.
  • Embed any fancy HTML5 code inside your presentation and it will execute as it would in any browser. That's great to teach how to use Angular, React, Ember, etc.
  • It can be used for any kind of presentation. If you are interested only in the HTML5 slideshow, try https://github.com/gnab/remark

How to execute it?

  • Download this git repo
  • Open your command-line and browse to the folder
  • Install the NW.js dependency using NPM:
> npm install
  • Execute this app with:
> npm start

How to create a slideshow?

HTML-only Demo

First slide


Second slide