A multiplayer game (Bomberman-like) using Serverless concepts
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Serverless Multiplayer Game

A multiplayer game (Bomberman-like) using Serverless concepts

This project was created to validate if it is possible to develop a multiplayer game using only serverless services.

You can try it using your desktop and your phone.

Demo: bombermon.zanon.io


To create the multiplayer feature, I've used IoT notifications. You can read how it was done here.

The Serverless Framework was used to manage Lambda functions that handle the avatar selection and IoT keys.

If you want to host this game in your AWS account, you need to execute the index.js file that is inside the initializer folder to create the SimpleDB domain and the IoT role.


The Bomberman code was adapted from this tutorial.

Sprites from: 1, 2, 3 and 4.