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Serverless Service for Serverless Notifications (AWS IoT)
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Serverless Notifications

Serverless Service for Serverless Notifications (AWS IoT)


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  1. With the Serverless Framework v1.x, run serverless install --url

  2. Inside the create-role folder, run npm install and node index to create an IoT role. I've named the role as serverless-notifications. If you want to rename, modify this file and the handler.js file.

  3. Deploy the Lambda function with serverless deploy

  4. Edit the index.html file that is placed inside the frontend folder to use your Lambda endpoint

  5. To modify the IoT client, follow these steps:
    5.1 Browse the iot folder
    5.2 Edit the index.js file
    5.3 Install dependencies with npm install
    5.4 Run node make-bundle
    5.5 Replace the bundle.js inside the frontend folder by this new bundle.js file

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