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Piping lh alias through column.

Add a pipe through column to the `lh` alias. This causes the output to be displayed in columns rather
than in one long list that often goes off the viewable portion of the window.
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1 parent 9fc1784 commit af60b9191bcf7d6f91dc9ee6dc2458217d151cab @zanshin committed Apr 13, 2012
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@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ alias 'adventure=emacs -batch -l dunnet'
alias 'mailsize=du -hs ~/Library/mail'
alias 'bk=cd $OLDPWD'
alias 'ttop=top -ocpu -R -F -s 2 -n30'
-alias lh='ls -a | egrep "^\."'
+alias lh='ls -a | egrep "^\." | column'
alias lsd='ls -aFhlG'
alias l='ls -al'

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