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Bradley Davis bad884

Computer Science Student at UW-Madison

Madison, Wisconsin

Angus H. angusshire


UC Berkeley Berkeley, CA

Robbie Jacobs robjac

@Sigstr Indianapolis, IN

Rudy Zhou rudyzhou2

Aspiring DevOps

Vancouver, BC

Mike Maheu mmaheu

Code Martians Charleston, SC

Byron Mansfield byronmansfield

DevOps Engineer with a passion for elegant solutions. GOlang enthusiast, uses Vim for everything. Currently vagabonding around Asia.

BMWebTechnologies LLC San Francisco, CA

CoderAFI CoderAFI

CoderAFI - Coding, Music, Dancing 👍


Alex Sysadmin mu-shrooms

Linux System Administrator / Ruby Developer / Chef / Occasional writer

DirectWeb Hosting Solutions I.R.I + U.S.A

Anoop anoopcynet

Cynet Systems INC Reston, VA

Navdeep Singh navdeep300

GNDEC Ludhiana, Punjab, India

Janne Kurkinen envision

Full-Stack Web Developer & UI Designer

Digimedia ENVISION Finland

Kevin MORGAN kevin-morgan

Kevin InfoTech NYC, NY, US

Rick Cogley RickCogley

Helping people in Japan since 1987! 日本語もOK ⚁ CEO + Founder ⚂ Love to code, create, manage, negotiate, photograph, drum, run & curate the odd.

eSolia Inc. Tokyo, Japan

Martin Seeler MartinSeeler

I'm a Unix creationist. I believe the world will end exactly 03:14:07 UTC on Tuesday, 19 January 2038.

Avantgarde Labs GmbH Dresden, Germany

Anton Strilchuk ype

I’m a software and embedded systems engineer with a passion for connecting things together.

Edinburgh, UK

David O'Trakoun davidosomething

middle out

Elite Daily New York, NY

Austin Heiman atheiman

DevOps-y engineer at Cerner in Kansas City. K-State grad. Recently I've been working with Ruby, Chef, and AWS.

@cerner Overland Park, KS

ángel abr4xas

In love with @nezybit <3

El blog de abr4xas Venezuela

elrrrrrrr elrrrrrrr

Keep moving . Hangzhou || Shanghai

Kannan Thambiah pygospa

Bremen University & DFKI-RIC Bremen, Germany

rayan rayanaguisanda

Chan J jincan39

never marry to a tool


Will Fife sarlalian

Laika, Inc. Hillsboro, OR

Matthew Baxa mbaxa

Zillow Lincoln, Nebraska

Nate Dillon natedillon

I am a front-end web developer living in Manhattan, Kansas.

Kansas State University Manhattan, Kansas

James Michael DuPont h4ck3rm1k3

Introspector Software Services Hopewell, NJ