Use your Arduino with the W204B-NLW LCD.
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The LCD_info_IP_dhcp is a pde file for your Arduino in use with the W204B-NLW LCD. Visit to get the Fritzing prototype software and view the LCD-Ethernet-Nano-to-W204B-NLW.fz file.

No liability what so ever

I am not responsible for your actions

The Programm should only used if you are willing to trust me or read the code carefully. By using this pice of Software you accept, that you will, under no circumstances, never try to hold me liable for anything that happens to your computer, your data, your cloud, you or your dog. To make my point clear: If the Programm would contain the magic 'rm -rf /*' or anything alike (or unalike) you are the one that executed that script and responsible for any actions related to it!

Copyright notice

All that characters that tumbled out of my mind into my spine and finally through my fingers to the keyboard and into any of theses scripts are free to use but not to sell. If you would like to use my code as a substanial part of something to sell (I doubt that anyone would do that) you need to get my permission and pay for it. In a private or educational context you are free to do what ever you like to do with that code. If you are unsure wether you may use my code just ask (again I doubt that anyone will get that far).


The Software is working (or worked) for me. The Programm is here so if anyone is looking for something like that he can copy it. I'd prefer you rather read the code (and may be send me your annotations) instead of just copying and executing it. This Software is work in progress! Feel free to add some comments or create a fork.