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.Net API for Redmine bug/task management systems.
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redmine-net-api redmine-net-api logo

redmine-net-api is a library for communicating with a Redmine project management application.

  • Uses Redmine's REST API.
  • Supports both XML and JSON(requires .NET Framework 3.5 or higher) formats.
  • Supports GZipped responses from servers.
  • This API provides access and basic CRUD operations (create, read, update, delete) for the resources described below:
Resource Read Create Update Delete
Attachments x x - -
Custom Fields x - - -
Enumerations x - - -
Files x x - -
Groups x x x x
Issues x x x x
Issue Categories x x x x
Issue Relations x x x x
Issue Statuses x - - -
News x - - -
Projects x x x x
Project Memberships x x x x
Queries x - - -
Roles x - - -
Time Entries x x x x
Trackers x - - -
Users x x x x
Versions x x x x
Wiki Pages x x x x


Please review the wiki pages on how to use redmine-net-api.


Contributions are really appreciated!

A good way to get started (flow):

  1. Fork the redmine-net-api repository.
  2. Create a new branch in your current repos from the 'master' branch.
  3. 'Check out' the code with Git, GitHub Desktop, SourceTree, GitKraken, etc.
  4. Push commits and create a Pull Request (PR) to redmine-net-api.



The API is released under Apache 2 open-source license. You can use it for both personal and commercial purposes, build upon it and modify it.


I would like to thank:

  • JetBrains for my Open Source ReSharper licence,

  • AppVeyor for allowing free build CI services for Open Source projects

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