R code and data presented in manuscript on Geospiza ground finches
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This repository contains the code and data of the analyses presented in:

Cadena CD, Zapata F, Jiménez I. 2017. Issues and perspectives in species 
delimitation using phenotypic data: Atlantean evolution in Darwin’s finches.  
Systematic Biology (https://academic.oup.com/sysbio/article/doi/10.1093/sysbio/syx071/4102004/Issues-and-Perspectives-in-Species-Delimitation)


The script requires R and several libraries. See analysis.r for details.

The code presented here is written largely using the tidyverse syntax. To learn more about tidyverse, we recommend this resource: R for Data Science. We also provide the same code for all analyses in Base R as Supplementary Online Material (SOM) to our manuscript. Both versions of the code do exactly the same.


The CAS_Swarth_Geospiza.csv contains morphological measurements from H. S. Swarth's archive available at the California Academy of Sciences. We sincerely thank Jack Dumbacher for allowing us to use and publish these morphological data, and to Bailey McKay who kindly provided tabulated data.