manuscript for new species of Escallonia, E. harrisii
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This repository contains the text, code, and data presented in this manuscript:

Zapata F, Villarroel D. A new species of Escallonia (Escalloniaceae) from the inter-Andean tropical dry forests of Bolivia

The files included in this repository are:

  • data.csv The data used in our analyses.
  • specimens.csv The metadata for the specimens used in the analyses
  • main.tex The manuscript as submitted for review
  • sample.bib The references cited
  • code_eharrisii.R The analyses code
  • wlpeerj.csl The csl file used to format the tex file for PeerJ
  • Figures(1-5).pdf and Figure7.pdf The figures generated by the script code_eharrisii.R
  • Figure6.pdf The illustration of the new species