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lotodore commented Oct 9, 2013

The license of the sha1 implementation
does not explicitly allow modifications. It may be interpreted that "incorporation into other products" implicitly could allow modifications, but this is questionable. Therefore, the sha1 license may be regarded as "nonfree" in Linux distributions. This, in turn, would mean that websocketpp as a whole is regarded as nonfree. Therefore, we are having problems getting the latest release of our open source software published as Linux package.

Could you please resolve this issue, for example by choosing a different sha1 implementation?

zaphoyd commented Oct 9, 2013

I'll take a look.

zaphoyd commented Oct 10, 2013

I've updated the bundled sha1 library to this project: that uses a straightforward BSD license. I also double checked the rest of the bundled libraries. They are all BSD licensed now, as is WebSocket++ itself. I've also included copies of all bundled library licenses in the COPYING file at the root of the repository for easy reference.

Let me know if this addresses the concerns your package publishers have.

evgeni commented Oct 10, 2013

you missed websocketpp/utf8_validator.hpp (which is Expat/MIT licensed) in the COPYING file, but other than that it looks good to me.

zaphoyd commented Oct 10, 2013

Good catch. I've updated COPYING to include the utf8 validator code as well. I've also pulled the full license for that into the code as well, rather than just a link to the license on the website.

@lotodore can you confirm that this resolves your license related issues satisfactorily?


Thank you very much for the quick reaction, all is fine now! For now, we've included websocket++ as third_party lib
and I will update to the latest revision this weekend (after testing with the latest changes). I'll put up the subject concerning a possible "release" of websocket++ (for separate packaging) on the mailing list later, but this is not urgent. Thanks :-)

@lotodore lotodore closed this Oct 10, 2013
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