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Add a help desk or knowledge base to your Django project with only a few lines of boilerplate code.
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Welcome to django-knowledge!

django-knowledge makes it easy to add an integrated support desk, help desk or knowledge base to your Django project with only a few lines of boilerplate code. While we give you a generic design for free, you should just as easily be able to customize the look and feel of the app if you like.

django-knowledge was developed internally for Zapier. Check out their live demo.

At a glance:

  • Turn common questions or support requests into a knowledge base.
  • Control who sees what with simple per object view permissions: public (everyone), private (poster & staff), or internal (only staff).
  • Assign questions and answers to categories for easy sorting.
  • Staff get moderation controls or they can use the familiar Django admin to handle support requests.
  • Allow anonymous questions, or require a standard Django user account (the default).
  • Included base templates and design with prebundled HTML and CSS.
  • Optionally alert users of new responses via email (or your own alert system).
  • BSD license.


  • View a live demo. This is the stock design, plus a custom header and footer via an overridden base template.
  • Check out the documentation at ReadTheDocs.
  • Visit our GitHub repo and join the development!

Screen Shots:

a common thread viewed by anonymous user a common thread viewed by a moderator (staff) ask form the home page search results with ask form at bottom 100% coverage on tests
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