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✂️ A little app that transforms and formats data.
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Transformer (by Zapier)

Transformer is a little web app that performs data transformations. You specify one of the pre-defined transforms to run, along with some input data, and the app will run the data through the transform and return the output.


GET / - Lists all the available transforms

GET /?category=<category_name> - Lists transforms in a category. Category can be one of: date, number, string, util

GET /fields?transform=<transform_name> - Tells you required data for the given transform. transform_name should be a key from the / endpoint

POST /transform - Run a transform. The request body will look something like this:

  "transform": "string.upper_case",
  "inputs": ["abc"],


virtualenv --python=python2.7 env27
. env27/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

Run Locally

. env27/bin/activate
DEBUG=true PORT=8888 python transformer/

Test Locally

. env27/bin/activate


If you have a transform that you think would be useful, fork the repo, add the transform, and then make a pull request. To get started, check out the base class for the interface and the trim space transform an example.

When making changes, here are some style considerations to keep in mind:

  • We follow a modified version of PEP8. Essentially, keep your code looking like the rest of the codebase and you'll be fine
  • When naming a transform, separate the file name by words. i.e. "Trim space" lives in ""
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