A sample Sprinkle stack for Rails. An example. Most likely out of date ;-).
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Sprinkle Stack

A customized Rails server install stack for Sprinkle. Based on "passenger-stack" by Ben Schwarz and some related work by Seth Banks (subimage).

Edit the config.rb file to set up the appropriate IP addresses and other configuration variables. Or customize the software that gets installed by editing install.rb.

Running is as simple as:

sprinkle -c -s config/install.rb

Will set up a brand new Unix system with all required software to run a Rails app. This installs supporting software and configures a "deploy" user that can deploy applications to the new machine. Tested with Ubuntu 10.02.

After provisioning, you should:

  • Login and change the password of the 'deploy' user
  • Disallow root logins via SSH by editing the sshd_config file and setting "PermitRootLogin" to "no"
  • Lock down all ports except 80, 443 (web, ssl), 22 (ssh), and 1000 (webmin)

WARNING: this project is not actively maintained and may be out of date. But should serve as a good getting started template for your own stack.