Simple Android demo app developed using Mirah + Pindah
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Up or Down?

A super-simple sample Android application that uses to test whether or not a website is online.

This app is written in Mirah using the Pindah build tool. It demonstrates the following:

  • Basic Mirah syntax for use with Pindah
  • How to use blocks and Android callbacks with Mirah
  • How to leverage third-party Java libraries in Mirah (jsoup)
  • How to handle exceptions in Mirah
  • How to deal with Mirah scoping weirdness (this = self)

Homework Ideas

  • Add a ProgressDialog and make the site test an AsyncTask
  • Record a log of website test history to a ListView
  • Allow users to browse test history through a separate activity
  • Store test history in a local Sqlite database (ListAdapter)


Copyright (c) 2011 Nick Plante. See LICENSE.txt for further details.