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Constretto Play Module

This project is not actively maintained. Feel free to fork this repo and continue this effort if you actually need it

  • Integrates the Constretto framework with Play
  • Adds support for using Play's ID mechanism to specify environment.
  • Makes all the properties in "application.conf" available for injection
  • Injection of configuration for controller classes using Constretto's @Configuration annotation
  • The module has been developed and tested with Play 1.2.4


public class Application extends Controller {

@Configuration(expression = "example.text")
static String text;

@Configuration(expression = "example.number", defaultValue = "0", required = false)
static Integer number;


If the configuration expression in the first property is not in found in application.conf, Constretto will throw a ConstrettoException (which is a RuntimeException) .

If you provide a value for the 'defaultValue' property like in the second property that will be used if Constretto can not find a value for the expression in the configuration file.

When you change values for the properties in application.conf and hit reload the Constretto Play modul will automatically re-inject values in to the annotated fields in all your controllers.

Change history

  • v.01 (built 2012-01-25): basic integration with Play controllers done

If you have experience any issues or have change requests for this module, please use the GitHub issue tracker.


Play module for to make it easier to integrate the Constretto configuration framework with Play!



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