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Convenient library that allows an embedded JMS (ActiveMQ) JMS broker to be set up as a JUnit @rule
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JUnit extension that provides a ActiveMQ Embedded in-memory JMS Broker. It should be compatible with all the usual JMS integration tools such as Apache Camel and Spring JMS Template. Inspired by the Embedded DB JUnit Rule project.


  • because you want to test your JMS integration code without being dependent on a running external JMS Broker
  • setting up the broker manually for all your tests requires a lot of boilerplate code
  • I found myself repeating myself and decided that creating this library would make my life easier :-)


This library is distributed through the Sonatype OSS repo and should thus be widely available. Java 8 or higher is required. Feedback is more than welcome. Feel free to create issues if you find bugs or have feature requests for future releases :-)


  • version 0.2: rewritten core and added support for JUnit 5 Jupiter
  • version 0.1: initial release


JUnit 5 (v. 0.2+)

More information on JMS support is found in the project WIKI

Add dependency


Use ExtendWith to enable the extension and inject the connection factory using @EmbeddedJms

class EmbeddedJmsBrokerRequestReplySpringTest {

    private static final String TEST_MESSAGE = "Test message";

    private static final String DESTINATION = "queue:destination";

    *  The type of property must be either ConnectionFactory, ActiveMQFactory or URI.
    *  If it is a URI to the broker is injected
    private ConnectionFactory connectionFactory;

    @DisplayName("My test")
    void testJmsLogic() throws Exception {
       // make JMS magic
    @DisplayName("parameterized test")
    void connectionFactoryParameter(@EmbeddedJms ConnectionFactory connectionFactory) {
        // perform JMS magic


JUnit 4

Add dependency


Add to JUnit4 test

    public EmbeddedJmsRule embeddedJmsRule = EmbeddedJmsRule.builder().build();

    public void jmsTest() throws Exception {
        final ConnectionFactory connectionFactory = embeddedJmsRule.connectionFactory();
        // work your JMS magic


For more examples check the JUnit tests in this project

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