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{spawn, exec} = require 'child_process'
log = console.log
task 'build', ->
run 'coffee -o lib -c src/*.coffee'
task 'test', ->
# Set `ulimit -n 1024` if you run out of descriptors.
run 'coffee tests/'
task 'bench', ->
run 'cd benchmarks && ./run'
task 'docs', ->
run 'docco src/*.coffee'
task 'vendor', ->
uglify = require 'uglify-js'
fs = require 'fs'
run 'mkdir -p vendor && cd vendor && curl -o jquery.js -L', ->
run 'cd vendor && curl -OL', ->
run 'cd vendor && curl -OL', ->
run 'head -n 2 vendor/jquery.js', ->
run 'head -n 2 vendor/sammy.js', ->
run 'head -n 1 vendor/', ->
fs.writeFile 'vendor/jquery.min.js', uglify.minify('vendor/jquery.js').code, ->
fs.writeFile 'vendor/sammy.min.js', uglify.minify('vendor/sammy.js').code, ->
fs.writeFile 'vendor/', uglify.minify('vendor/').code
task 'setup', 'build + vendor', ->
invoke 'build'
invoke 'vendor'
task 'clean', ->
run 'rm -r vendor node_modules lib/*.js benchmarks/out/*.dat benchmarks/out/*.out tests/*.js _site'
run = (args...) ->
for a in args
switch typeof a
when 'string' then command = a
when 'object'
if a instanceof Array then params = a
else options = a
when 'function' then callback = a
command += ' ' + params.join ' ' if params?
cmd = spawn '/bin/sh', ['-c', command], options
cmd.stdout.on 'data', (data) -> process.stdout.write data
cmd.stderr.on 'data', (data) -> process.stderr.write data
process.on 'SIGHUP', -> cmd.kill()
cmd.on 'exit', (code) -> callback() if callback? and code is 0
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