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Misc tweaks.

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-**v0.2.0** (2011-07-xx):
+**v0.2.0beta** (2011-07-xx):
- Complete rewrite, the main idea/api/capabilities are mostly the same, but implemented and used in a way
more harmonized with the node ecosystem.
- - Performance issues worked out, now negligible overhead over express. Gone with the `with` keyword.
+ - Fixed performance issues, now negligible overhead over express. Gone with the `with` keyword.
- Scraped the `zappa` command. One additional `require` line and now zappa apps can be run directly with
standard `coffee` and `node` commands, compiled with `coffee`, reloaded with `runjs`/`nodemon` etc,
deployed with `forever` or to services such as [nodester]( and [](
with no special steps required.
- - New `app` and `io` variables at the root scope, providing direct access to express and
+ - New `app` and `io` variables at all scopes, providing direct access to express and
- Now using the rendering system from express, with all the features it supports (arbitrary engines,
partials, etc), while retaining the ability to define templates in-file with the `view` function and
@@ -19,9 +19,11 @@
- The `include` function now is implemented through the standard `require`. Files `include`'d should
just add a `module.exports = ->` line.
- - Using the new 0.7.x API which is a lot closer to how zappa works.
+ - Scraped zappa's socket "protocol", using the new 0.7.x custom events which work in the same way.
- Optional client-side zappa with and sammy.js for routes.
+ - Added `shared '/foo.js': ->`, allows sharing `helper`s and `def`s between server and client side code.
**v0.1.5** (2011-05-06):

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