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Content negotiation #58

darvin opened this Issue · 2 comments

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From my understanding it's impossible to do via connect/express middleware, and it could be nice addition to zappa.

@get '/': ->
  @render index: {foo: 'bar'}

And if request has header Accept-type: application/json, server will respond with JSON {"foo":"bar"} instead of view index rendered with {foo:"bar"}
Will it be accepted into upstream? If yes, I can do that


Sounds cool. I like how Rails handle this. It allows for more fine-grained responses.

if err then @next err

  json: =>
    @jsonp user.toJSON()
  html: =>
    @render index: user.toJSON()

Note that you can just implement this as a helper, no need to integrate this into zappa:

# Call fn if fn is a function
call = (fn, ctx, args...) -> if typeof fn is 'function' then fn.apply(ctx || this, args)

@helper format: (o) ->
  switch @request.get 'Content-Type'
      when 'application/json' then call o.json
      when 'text/html' then call o.html

oh, cool! thanks

@darvin darvin closed this
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