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Backporting maurimach/zappa's pull requests #8

shimaore opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Here's the list of pull requests from mauricemach/zappa and their current status wrt zappajs/zappajs

Applied But Incomplete

Applied, Can Close

Not Needed

  • mauricemach/zappa#95 is pretty extensive, needs to be tested (and maybe updated), adds dependency, but would solve mauricemach/zappa#79 -- and not needed anymore, connect-assets does the job (add jquery, sammy, and Zappa's client.js to the assets to get a single-file download, or use the recent /zappa/Zappajs download).
  • mauricemach/zappa#102 needs some minor work -- not needed, databag is no longer supported that way
@shimaore shimaore was assigned

Regarding mauricemach/zappa#90, this solution looks like a good approach. However it probably needs to be deployed in a middleware, not in Zappa.


Is the goal here to support when the app server and socket server are together or separated? together seems much simpler as you just need to share a MemoryStore and a map to lookup sockets by their id. so is the goal is to allow the following...

require('zappajs') 3000, ->
  @get '/': (req, res) ->
    res.send 'hello world'
  @get '/do_something': (req, res) ->
    @emit 'shout', {message: 'you did something!'}

  @client '/index.js': ->
    @on shout: ->
      alert "#{@data.message}!!!!!"
    $.get '/do_something' 

OK, at this time all backports from mauricemach/zappa have been applied or won't be included.

Only remaining things is to add some tests for those indicated, any volunteers? :)


Out of the four issues marked "incomplete", two have to do with layout, which was removed in 1.x, while the other remaining two does have proper tests or demos.

@shimaore shimaore closed this
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