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This script is used for an internet radio inside an old radio.

The internet radio has a display showing the channels. The display was set up by

Additionally it has two switches set up as explained in:

It uses OMX player to play music after

Basic functionality

  • Switch ON
    • if not already_playing
      • Start OmxPlayer with radio channel of choice
      • set already_playing to true
  • Switch OFF
    • try to switch OFF OmxPlayer
    • set already_playing to false
    • switch_2 UP
      • increase the radio channel by 1
      • display the radio channel name
    • switch_2 DOWN
      • reduce the radio channel by 1
      • display the radio channel name

Linux Setup

Install omxplayer

store the script into /share

insert into /etc/rc.local

sudo python /share/

Analog Tips:

  1. Get a radio that has an oldschool on/off switch so you can also switch the DC of the raspberyy pi
  2. Get a Wifi antenna or a USB cable that is long enough to keept the wifi adapter away from transistors in the radio
  3. Use an IC2 radio as it is easier to use than a standard 16x2 display

Photos of my radio




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