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Install project dependencies

  • Install nodejs and npm
  • Install nodejs deps via npm install

Running tests

To execute all tests:

$ npm run test

To execute a particular test:

$ npm run develop
> test {filename}.js

Running docker-compose with parity private network

  • Create .env file from .env.example with correct path to yours host localtime file.
  • Run docker-compose up
  • Parity UI:
  • Parity Ethereum RPC:

Software versions

Reference package.json for currently-utilized software versions.


Documentation at


The contracts repo serves as a curation market platform targeted at on-chain/off-chain data-providers. It allows data-providers to serve data to a variety of endpoints and to monetize data via provider-specific bonding markets in which data-consumers and/or speculators stake token amounts to data-provider accounts in exchange for data-provider-specific access tokens, ‘dots’, which are redeemable as:

  • query requests to the data-provider in request endpoints( ex. smart contract endpoint)

  • subscription periods to data-provider streams in subscription endpoints (ex. ipfs pubsub socket endpoint) or

  • an amount of token determined by data-provider-specific bond market price

Security and Liability

All contracts are WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


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