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This package provides wrapper classes to onchain and offchains oracles on the Zap platform.


What things you need to install the software and how to install them

- Nodejs and npm>=6.1.11
- Typescript


Create and manage a Zap Provider
npm install `@zapjs/provider`
import {ZapProvider, ProviderHandler} from '@zapjs/provider';
let myZapProvider = new ZapProvider({owner:address});

Create Zap Provider

let myZapProvider = new zapProvider(owner)

With Custom configuration

let myZapProvider = new ZapProvider(owner,{networkId,networkProvider,coordinator});

Initiate in Registry and create Curve for an endpoint

await myZapProvider.initiateProvider({
    title: "testTitle",
    endpoint: "testEndpoint",
    endpoint_params : ["p1","p2"]

const thisConstants = []
const thisParts = []
const thisDividers = []
await myZapProvider.initiateProviderCurve({
    endpoint :"testEndpoint",
    constants : thisConstants,
    parts : thisParts,
    dividers : thisDividers

Get information about a provider

Get general information

const title = await myZapProvider.getTitle()
const pubkey = await myZapProvider.getPubkey()
TODO get next endpoint

Get endpoint specific information

const Curve = await myZapProvider.getCurve(endpoint);
const zapBound = await myZapProvider.getZapBoung(endpoint);
const zapRequired = await myZapProvider.getZapRequired({endpoint,dots});
const dots = await myZapProvider.calcDotsForZap({endpoint,zapAmount})

Listen to events belong to this provider


Respond to queries

await myZapProvider.respond({queryId,responseParams,dynamic}); //string, array, boolean

See more Usages of each packages :