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Template for creating and managing your own zap oracle with ease

Layout :

  1. Config : data about your wallet ,ethereum node and your provider's pubkey and title
  2. Schema : Your oracle's endpoint list with their params and pre-defined query/response schema
  3. Oracle : Template for Create/Manage flow
  4. Responder : Stub callback function when receive query event and return result

Usage :

  1. Configure config and schema
  2. Implement function getResponse in Responder
  3. Run npm start to start create/get Oracle and start listening to queries

Note :

  • Ensure you have enough ETH in your address for responding to queries

Subscriber example


  • Onchain subscriber contract example
    • Set provider to interact with
    • Query provider (regarding to provided schema from provider)
    • Implement callback for provider's response


  • Offchain subscriber example
    • Query endpoint and params (regarding to provided schema from provider)
    • Listen to OffchainResponse event from Provider


  • Workflow example from setting up oracle to running subscriber