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Mass Baseline scan

This directory contains scripts that allow you to run the ZAP Baseline against a series of target URLs. It also (by default) publishes the results to the wiki that the scripts belong to.

In order to use these scripts you will need to:

  • Change the sites listed in
  • Change the relevant user and repo details in
  • Build a docker image (see below)
  • Run the docker image, setting the credentials for your user (see below) if you want to upload the results to your repo wiki

To create the docker container

Run a command like:

docker build -t your-user/mass-baseline -f docker-wrapper .

To run the mass baseline scan

Run a command like:

docker run -u zap -i -t your-user/mass-baseline

If you want to write to your wiki then you will need to set the $baselinecreds env var to a suitable value, for example a Personal Access Token. If you are running this via Jenkins then you can use Jenkins credentials.