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OWASP ZAP Desktop User Guide

Welcome to the OWASP Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) Desktop User Guide.

This is available both as context sensitive help within ZAP and online in the ZAP website.

The English help files are under the /addOns/help directory, so if you'd like to make a change, create a pull request against those files, and they will be updated in the site (eventually).

This User Guide has been translated into many languages, all of which are available via the ZAP Marketplace.

The most completely translated guides are also available online in the wiki:

You can help translate those pages into other languages via the OWASP ZAP Help Crowdin project.


The help add-ons are built with Gradle, each add-on has its own project which is located under the addOns project/directory. The add-ons are identified with the prefix help_ followed by its locale, for example, for French the project name is help_fr_FR while for Japanese it is help_ja_JP. The default help add-on, English, does not follow this rule, it's just identified with help.

To build all add-ons, simply run:

./gradlew build

in the main directory of the project, the add-ons will be placed in the directory build/zapAddOn/bin/ of each project.

To build an add-on individually run:

./gradlew :addOns:<name>:build

replacing <name> with the name of the add-on (e.g. help_es_ES).

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