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Payloads dialog

This allows you to select the payload generators to use when fuzzing a request.

Payload generators generate the raw attacks that the fuzzer submits to the target application.

The following types of generators are provided by default:

  • File - select any local file for one off attacks
  • File Fuzzers - select any combination of the fuzzing files registered with ZAP, eg via add-ons like fuzzdb
  • Regex - generate attacks based on regex patterns
  • Strings - raw strings, which can be entered manually or pasted in
  • Script - custom scripts that can generate any payloads required

You can write custom payload generator scripts - these can supply any payloads that you need.

Add-ons can also define additional payload generators.

The 'Processors...' button launches the Payload Processors dialog which allows you to configure payload processors that just apply to the palyload generator you have selected.

Accessed via

     Fuzzer dialog 'Add...' button

See also

     Fuzzer concepts
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