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Script Console Tab

The Scripts Console allows you to write scripts which run within ZAP. It is made up of:

  • A toolbar
  • An area in which you can write your scripts
  • A area for debug and error messages

You can run 'Stand alone' scripts from within this tab using the 'Run' button on the tab toolbar. All other types of scripts will be run when enabled or if explicitly invoked.

To create a new script of to load or switch scripts see the The Scripts 'tree' tab.

Right-click in the script area for display and editing options.

Templates can be viewed in the console but cannot be edited.


The console supports a limited form of auto-complete, controlled by a button on the toolbar. When enabled a popup will be shown when you type the name of one of the defined parameters followed by a dot - this will show you all of the methods available for you to call. Selecting one of them will insert the method and parameters into your script. If you type another dot immediately after the method call then you will be shown another prompt for the methods available to the return type, if any. You will be able to keep expanding the types returned until you start typing something else.

See also

     The Scripts add-on
     The Scripts 'tree' tab
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