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Release 1.3.2

The following changes were made in this release:

Bug fixes:

Issue 53: Scan Policy configuration bug

Issue 62: The "Export all urls to File" does not seem to work

Issue 87: SSL not working with Dynamic SSL Certificate generator (with Chrome on Mac OS)

Issue 95: NullPointerException when dropping requests in proxy

Issue 106: Cannot display HTTP gzipped contents

Issue 107: The last intercepted request/response remains in the Break window

Issue 131: Right click on Mac without mouse doesn't work

Issue 138: Broken end of stream detection causes endless loop and threads not ending

Issue 143: Help button: Options --> Language

Issue 145: Crash at start up

Issue 147: Session save and request/response data

Issue 151: Incorrect language used by ZAP

Issue 152: Check for updates not working

See also

     Introduction the introduction to ZAP
     Releases the full set of releases
     Credits the people and groups who have made this release possible
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