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Manage Add-ons

This allows you to manage the add-ons that you have installed and download new ones from the Add-on Marketplace.

Two tabs are available:


This tab shows you the version of ZAP you are running, all of the installed add-ons and allows you to check for any updates to ZAP or any of the add-ons. Hovering over an add-on will show you more information about it. You can also uninstall add-ons from this tab - typically add-ons are dynamically removed from the ZAP UI as soon as you uninstall them.


This tab shows you all of the add-ons that you dont have installed which are available from the Add-on Marketplace. You will need to 'Check for updates' before you can see the add-ons available. Hovering over an add-on will show you more information about it. You can install any of the add-ons listed - typically add-ons are dynamically added to the ZAP UI as soon as you install them.

Manual loading

When working in a disconnected environment, you may want to manually download and install an add-on. All add-ons in the marketplace can be downloaded from the release page on GitHub. Downloaded add-ons can be loaded to ZAP via the File menu.

Accessed via

     Top Level Toolbar 'Manage Add-ons' button

See also

     UI Overview for an overview of the user interface
     Dialogs for details of the dialogs or popups
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