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Scan Policy Manager dialog

This allows you to manage the scan policies that define the rules that are run when performing an active scan. You can have as many scan policies as you like, and choose which one of them is run when you perform an active scan.


The Add button launches the Scan Policy dialog with all of the settings defaulted.


The Modify button launches the Scan Policy dialog with all of the selected scan policy.


The Remove button deletes the selected scan policy if you confirm the warning dialog.


The Import button allows you to import a scan policy created by another instance of ZAP.


The Export button allows you to export a scan policy so that you can import it into another instance of ZAP, which can be on another machine.

Accessed via

     Top level Analyse menu 'Scan Policy Manager ...' menu item
     Top Level Toolbar 'Scan Policy Manager ...' button
     Active Scan tab 'Scan Policy Manager ...' button

See also

     UI Overview for an overview of the user interface
     Dialogs for details of the dialogs or popups
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