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This project contains add-ons for the OWASP Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP).

If you are using the latest version of ZAP then you can browse and download add-ons from within ZAP by clicking on this button in the toolbar:


You can also import add-ons you have downloaded manually from via the "File / Load Add-on File..." menu option.

Please see the wiki for more details.


The add-ons are built with Gradle, each add-on has its own project which is located under the addOns project/directory.

To build all add-ons, simply run:

./gradlew build

in the main directory of the project, the add-ons will be placed in the directory build/zapAddOn/bin/ of each project.

To build an add-on individually run:

./gradlew :addOns:<name>:build

replacing <name> with the name of the add-on (e.g. reveal).